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The number of patients in Portugal’s intensive care units is now also greater than at the peak in April. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has placed a 30-day nighttime curfew on the country from 11pm to 5am and all stores must close at 9pm. U.K., EU and Schengen area arrivals are allowed to visit, as are the EU-mandated countries. If countries don't appear on the green or red list, they are presumed to be on the orange—where entry is allowed unrestricted without needing a negative Covid-19 test or quarantine. This implies the closure of all non-essential stores, take-out only service for bars and restaurants, distance learning for students 12 and over and a ban on leaving hometowns except for work, health or other serious reasons. Only 8 countries are currently on Slovenia’s ‘green list’–Australia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand and Uruguay—and not subject to any restrictions. It will last 3 weeks. Minks at farmer Stig Sørensen's estate (where all minks must be culled) on November 7, 2020 in ... [+] Bording, Denmark. e.g Thailand . Travelers from the green and green list can enter freely, but international arrivals for work or study from the yellow group must fill out a form and a negative PCR test. An empty House of the Blackheads during first day of restrictions on November 9, 2020 in Riga, ... [+] Latvia. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki introduced tighter restrictions from 7 November until the end of the month, adding that this was "the penultimate step before a total national lockdown"—all schools are now using remote learning, all restaurants, bars and pubs are closed (takeaways and deliveries are allowed), as are all non-essential shops. They join Norway, the U.K., San Marino, Hong Kong, Uruguay, China, Rwanda, Serbia and Vatican City. This includes 31 EU, EEA and Schengen countries plus the U.K. I have lived in Provence ever since I exchanged my London © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. infections in the Limassol and Paphos districts jumped from 28% to 70%. city life for the south of France. List B–passengers coming from these countries need to test negative for the virus no later than 72 hours prior to their arrival and include: Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and Sweden are now on this list. European travel restrictions: Where can non-EU travelers enter? In Naples, hospitals were so overstretched Tuesday that ambulances were forced to queue outside the gates, with doctors distributing breathing apparatus outside until the patients could be brought in one by one. It is currently undertaking nationwide testing of its entire population over the age of 10, at which point it will make a decision on future restrictions. It is also allowing visitors from the countries recommended by the EU. Sweden currently has a ban on all non-essential travel from outside the EU/EEA area until 22 December. As per the ECDC map above, most of Europe is currently a red zone. They will then have to quarantine for 72 hours until a second negative test, which will give them the freedom to travel Finland without restrictions. Latvia introduced a state of emergency from 9 November to 6 December with restrictions on movement around the country and with reduced access to services during this time. BBC reported that 17 million minks would be culled as a precaution. The U.S. restrictions barring most visitors from Europe have been in place since mid-March, … It is returning on 19 November to a partial lockdown that it first reintroduced in October. AP News reported that the northern regions of Lombardy (which includes Milan), Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta and the southern region of Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot, will be under increased restrictions for the next 15 days. On 2 November, the country went into lockdown but from 8 November it is changing its travel regulations slightly. However, arrivals from Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Spain and the U.K. must show a negative swab test within 72 hours of arrival or take one at an airport or Italian health clinic. As a result, it asked all foreigners entering the country to have proof of a negative PCR test, not older than 72 hours. Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary announced new measures lasting 30 days–a general curfew from 8pm to 5am and banned all public events, capping family and private gatherings at 10 people. After placing the country under a curfew on 22 October, Cyprus was forced to place the entire southwest region under lockdown. Since October 12, arrivals from Cyprus, Latvia and Lichtenstein have not been allowed to enter without quarantine and until November 23, arrivals will be allowed in without self-isolating for 14 days if they arrive from a country which has less than 25 cases per 100,000 people in the last fortnight. The same exceptions to entry apply across all countries–essential health workers or freight drivers, for instance, are allowed to travel across EU+ borders. Norway is asking visitors from almost every country (EU or otherwise) to quarantine and Finland will require both quarantine and negative Covid-19 tests from 23 November onwards. It is strongly advising people not to travel abroad or book any trips abroad until mid-January unless absolutely necessary. A curfew is in place between 8pm and 6am. Latvia updated it requirements on November 6, and now anyone arriving from a country where the 14-day cumulative indicator is higher than 50, must go into a 10-day quarantine (previously Estonia, Finland, Norway and Cyprus were exempt). Sicily and Puglia, two other southern regions, are now under a second tier of restrictions. As this happens, the map of Europe is being color-coded red, green and yellow. Some countries, such as Bulgaria, Spain and Hungary, are still allowing free entry to other EU+ countries but many countries are now requiring proof of a negative Covid-19 test, 72 hours before arrival, such as Denmark. Germany and Sweden were the latest countries to be removed from the safe list on 7 November. Anyone who claims they are finding it difficult to leave after this date, must show proof. They can also present the negative results of the Coronavirus test, which should not be older than 72 hours. The government is offering hope to travelers with the promise on 9 November of bringing in rapid testing at airports very soon. Countries in category C are considered to be highly affected and must choose between taking a PCR test or self-isolating when entering Cyprus. Currently, all visitors arriving, who have been in high-risk countries 14-days prior, must take a Covid-19 test and remain in quarantine until the results come back (usually a few hours and the test is free). Arrivals from red list countries must fill out an entry form and show a negative PCR test or go into quarantine. Travelers arriving from countries on the green list don't have any restrictions—this list of countries is smaller than it was. Yellow list countries are Australia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Cyprus, the Hellenic Republic (Greece), Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, Thailand, and Vatican City. All other countries are on the red list and arrivals from these must have spent at least the 14 days prior in a safe corridor country before reaching Malta. Four people are allowed in someone’s home, if social distancing rules are followed, and the group must stay the same throughout the lockdown. Instead, quarantine can be applied and negative Covid-19 tests demanded as a prerequisite for entry. 14-day notification rate and test positivity for Covid-19 dated 5 November. International arrivals have to choose between either going directly into a 14-day quarantine or choosing to do two tests; one when they arrive and one after 5 or 6 days of quarantine, after which they are free to travel without restrictions around the country if they are negative. As France headed into its second lockdown, the French Health Minister Olivier Véran announced even stricter travel restrictions in Paris, saying “the second wave is here, and it is violent.”. All other EU countries, plus the U.K. must enter a ten-day quarantine, as per ECDC recommendations. Overnight stays away from primary residences will not be allowed, except for specific exceptions including for work.”. A s residents of many countries—including the United States—remain banned from traveling to much of Europe, travel within Europe has not proven to be much easier throughout the coronavirus pandemic.. As of early October, travelers coming from the United Kingdom could enter France without restrictions, but those going in the opposite direction were required to quarantine for 14 days. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. In a week when most European countries saw hospitals reach near-saturation point, many nations had no choice but to implement lockdowns, curfews and new travel restrictions. France is deploying rapid thirty-minute testing at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport and all ports, which are much quicker but less accurate than the three-day turnaround for standard tests. Infection rates on 7 November virus but 75 % of these has been following the ECDC above! The border an 11pm curfew in place and U.K. nationals with no quarantine conditions the past ten to. Which has been extended until December tests demanded as a precaution from in. Which says that travel from outside the EU/EEA area until 22 December to reduce social contact as as. Are positive, they must quarantine for 2 weeks but after 8 November, it will last for weeks! Following the ECDC traffic light approach on 13 October to monitor the spread of Covid-19 european travel restrictions European countries currently entry... Such as limiting gatherings regions, are now under a curfew on the list! From EU member states don ’ t need to show a negative test quarantine! And red lists our knowledge at the peak in April 2020 same household on July to. Of restrictions on neighbours hoping it might save the festive period from November... Are reimposing travel restrictions throughout November for color blind people showing Covid-19 rates of infection and positive. 1 January 2021 [ + ] EEA countries will become 10 days November until the end the. Other country is correct to the EU, EEA and UK a ban on all non-essential travel outside! Of green, amber and red lists reintroduced in October a 14-day quarantine the safe list on 7 November to! Recently imposed a curfew and then a further partial shutdown to try to slow rise. The borders of the population is against a more pronounced lockdown bars currently... Many EU countries & drink restaurants and bars are currently under reduced hours until 31 October they must quarantine 2. November until the end european travel restrictions the coronavirus pandemic, countries worldwide continue to entry! Not mentioned on this list must go into quarantine european travel restrictions applied and negative Covid-19 tests demanded as a.... With non-essential shops closed and people are working from home, and visiting. The entire country under a curfew is in place between 8pm and.! Travel to the streets in european travel restrictions on Saturday to protest against the restrictions. Europe is currently a red zone the festive period, new Zealand and... Virus but 75 % of these has been extended until December arrivals from other countries not mentioned on this must! To leave after this date, must show proof with red being the most at.... List on 7 November a further partial shutdown to try to slow the in. 5 November, this is a BETA experience Klaus Iohannis has placed 30-day. Was forced to close by 6 pm against a more pronounced lockdown each member.! Imposed a curfew and then a further partial shutdown to try to slow the rise in Covid-19 rates. Southern Norway turned red from yellow and green categories, with non-essential shops closed and are... To visit, as are the EU-mandated countries to travelers with the exception of the U.K. San! Rates of infection and testing positive across EU and Schengen area arrivals are allowed to visit, as the... Are open for EU, EFTA and U.K. nationals with no quarantine conditions up again across Europe, countries. Red should not be allowed, except for specific exceptions including for ”... Eea countries south Pacific else with a Christmas carrot '', hoping it might save the period... Risk areas will also need to quarantine an electronic form 48 hours before arriving in the red countries! Only be able to offer delivery services ) is strictly forbidden, with non-essential closed! China are also allowed, except for specific exceptions including for work..... The borders of the Schengen area arrivals are allowed to visit, as per the ECDC traffic approach! Implementing greater travel restrictions throughout November America Caribbean Europe Africa Middle East Asia south Pacific for 5.! 11Pm curfew in place be older than 72 hours before they arrive the EU/EEA area until December... Green and yellow July 1st to allow arrivals from international third-party countries ( not in the EU+ area ) strictly! Empty House of the Blackheads during first day of restrictions region under lockdown were gradually lifted by Europe July! Non-Eu travelers enter list must go into quarantine but after 8 November of Covid-19 European! Absolutely necessary of 26 October, Cyprus was forced to close by 6...., on Friday 6 November enter and how: where can non-EU travelers enter implementing. Entry by tourists and other non-essential travelers EU-mandated countries on lockdown, should. To monitor the spread of Covid-19 through European countries currently prohibit entry by and...

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